Banksia Apartments

Banksia Avenue, Banksia

41 apartments, $8.2M
constructed in 2003
for Barton and Sons Constructions

Olsson & Associates Architects
In association with: MWA

The Banksia Apartments have been recognised by the SEPP 65 Design Review Panel and Rockdale Council for excellence in urban housing.

The built form responds to and enhances its context. The tallest building is located towards the Princes Highway. The penthouse is tilted to address this major arterial road. The smallest building is at a scale commensurate with the adjoining single storey detached houses.

Unity between the three buildings is achieved through the repetition of a balcony/entry motif. This two storey form also reduces the scale of the building down to the existing houses in the street.

A range of apartment types is achieved including three storey terraces, double storey maisonettes and single level one, two and three bedroom apartments and penthouses.

The project was constructed in 2003.

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