Botany Road Apartments

Botany Road, Mascot

12 urban apartments and ground floor retail space
commenced in 2014
for Huajun Investment Pty Ltd

The Botany Road apartments respond sensitively to their urban context, contribute to the activation of surrounding streets and  provide a quality lifestyle for residents of the building.

An awning and active ground level create an appropriate main street character. The building has a base, middle and top, to reduce its apparent scale. The building responds to the very different scales of its neighbouring buildings by stepping down in keeping with each one.

The building’s materials and colours further complement its residential context. The finishes are sensitively detailed and of a high quality.

75% of the apartments are naturally cross-ventilated. The lift lobbies on every level are naturally lit and ventilated through openable sliding windows, with external fixed vertical screens.

Landscaping is generously provided at the lower levels and roof of the building. A green roof is provided above the ground level podium which provides a pleasant outlook for not only the apartment residents, but also neighbouring residents. The roof top is a communal open space, with recreational area and planter boxes.

Privacy has been achieved between the apartments and the existing building to the east with a minimum 12m separation distance between habitable windows and balconies.

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