Burwood Road Apartments

Burwood Road, Burwood

urban apartments
commenced in 2014
for Develotek Property Group Pty Ltd

The Burwood Road apartments combine mixed-use urban urban living with generous green spaces and broad views towards the city. The building manages to achieve an efficient organisation of apartments within its upper levels, and generously sized retail space that faces onto Burwood Road and Milton Lane.

The corner of the apartments is articulated to give appropriate prominence to the Burwood Road-Milton Lane corner but steps back with balconies and green zones thus maintaining a pedestrian scale at street edge.

The design is an environmentally considerate response to a key challenge that the site does not allow for northern frontage. The building makes good use of its eastern and western facades so that only 5% of the apartments are single orientation south-facing. Additionally, the floor pate is narrow enough that 90% of apartments receive natural cross ventilation. All lifts and lobby areas are naturally ventilated and lit.

Another technique used to maximise the light and air that reaches apartments is the use of double volume balcony void spaces on the eastern facade. This allows morning sun access to balconies and living rooms.

A key characteristic of the Burwood Road apartments is the generous planting and green space that is incorporated into the upper apartment levels. Planter boxes edge balconies on the southern edge, bringing vegetation to the living spaces of apartment inhabitants and contributing to their privacy. Green zones that are landscaped with trees slot between apartment units so that these spaces are visually and physically very accessible to apartment inhabitants.

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