Coronation Parade Apartments

Coronation Parade, Enfield

38 residential units with ground floor commercial and retail areas
begun in 2013

The aesthetics of the building relates to its urban design qualities, its context, and environmental design strategies.

The proposed building responds to its urban setting with a 3 storey base that is designed with vertical proportions that recall the vertical proportions and small lot sub-division pattern of traditional main street shops to the north and south of the site in Coronation Parade. The 3 storey height also relates to the Club building which adjoins the southern boundary of the site.

The single storey medical and dental centre adjoining to the north of the site exposes the northern side wall of the proposed building. This wall is therefore articulated with silver alucobond panels that wrap from the alucobond eaves, making a distinctive, lightweight cap to the building. The white painted low-rise building base is also wrapped around the end walls, making an articulated base, middle and cap to the end walls.

This theme of base middle and top extends through the whole western façade of the building. A balance of vertical and horizontal proportions is provided with vertical panels on levels 4 and 5 and horizontal planes on Level 3 and the eaves line. The length of the building is broken into distinct bays, with Alucobond panels on Levels 4 and 5 contrasting with the adjoining open balconies.

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