Gordon Town Centre DCP

Gordon, NSW

completed in 2006
for Ku-ring-gai Council

Gordon is the largest of the six town centres in Ku-ring-gai and is the primary centre in Ku-ring-gai. This plan aims to triple the amount of retail development, increase commercial and provide an additional 1300 dwellings within the town centre. This is in addition to the 1300 dwellings which were planned in the 2 (d3) residential areas adjoining the town centre under the State Government’s urban consolidation policy.

The project aims to protect and enhance the entrance from the railway station, with the retention of small scale main street shops, a new park, a re-aligned street, and a new bus interchange. The Council car park is proposed to be re-developed for urban housing and retail shopping, while locating parking underground and enhancing the pedestrian amenity of the existing lanes.

New streets are achieved by increasing residential densities on either side of the new street. Public domain improvements throughout the town centre are essential, given the major increases in town centre development and residential population proposed in this plan.

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