Hume Highway Apartments

Hume Highway, Warwick Farm

103 apartments with retail
completed in 2011

Olsson & Associates Architects
In association with: Urban Link Pty Ltd

This project was won through an invited design competition in the NSW Government Design Excellence program. The site is located in a prominent location next to the expansive Hume Highway at the entrance to Liverpool. The design approach for the site has been to reinforce its exceptional position as a gateway to Liverpool and set a new benchmark in the quality for residential apartment buildings for the area.

The design achieves its iconic quality by going up to 15 storeys which is appropriate to the scale and expanse of Hume Highway. It creates a distinctive bui lt edge to the grid of the city centre and consolidates the blocks to the south consisting of 9-storey apartment blocks.

Programmatically the building consists of circulation cores and services sandwiched between residential apartments to the north and south of the building resulting in an efficient plan of 9 apartments per typical floor. The built form is appropriately articulated into smaller ‘slices’ of volumes which break the scale of the building.

Environmental benefit was a major consideration in the design. The narrow floor plan has a northern aspect which permits solar control in summer and access in winter  while minimising heat load on the eastern and western ends. Glazed louvres up to level 9 on the northern balconies mitigate the effect of noise and pollution from Hume Highway while creating a distinctive façade, and all lobbies are naturally lit and ventilated.

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