Kogarah Town Square

Belgrave Street, Kogarah Square

195 apartments, 33 retail shops, a public library and a town square
completed in 2002
for Kogarah Council

The Kogarah Town Square development is a new town square and municipal library for Kogarah Council within an integrated development containing extensive ground level retail and apartments.

Olsson & Associates Architects won an invited competition for the site, which located the town square and generally established the scale of development, prepared the building envelopes, contributed to the tender brief, interviewed tenderers, reviewed designs for Council and worked with the architect, Rod Simpson of Allen Jack and Cottier, to realise the final outcome.

The development is fully solar powered, using state-of-the-art photovoltaic cells. The entire roof area is amorphous photovoltaics bonded to steel roof sheeting. Glass/glass crystalline photovoltaic modules are located on awnings and library roof. Two olympic pool size water retention tanks under the square harvest water. All toilets in the development are flushed using recycled water and gardens are watered with roof storm water.

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