Marion Street Urban Design Study

Marion Street, Parramatta

urban design massing and feasibility study
completed in 2015
for Parramatta City Council

This urban design study assesses various development options for the currently undeveloped site of 38-40 Marion Street. The site has pedestrian linkages to several high activity nodes, including the proposed Auto Alley Redevelopment, Harris Park Village Centre and the Harris Park Station.

The proposed schemes respond the contextual conditions by maximising allowable development according to current and future planning controls. A podium with an active edge along Marion Street forms the base of the proposed development. Residential towers, with appropriate setbacks from existing development, sit atop the podium.

The tower floor plans were developed in line with the Residential Flat Design Code. Residential units maximised natural light, airflow and sun access.

The preferred option was selected through extensive analysis of spatial efficiency, contexutal impact and feasibility. Explorations were in model form and in 2D architectural drawings.

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