Moorfield Avenue Townhouses

Moorefield Avenue, Hunters Hill

3 detached 2 storey villa houses with a basement carpark, $1.4 million
completed in 2009

Set within Hunters Hill, the design intent is to present a building which responds to the context in a contemporary manner and one that provides a positive transition between old and new given the building’s location within a Conservation Area.

The three detached 2 storey villa houses provide transition in urban form and scale between the low density and higher density land uses and forms within the streetscape.

The landscaping utilises the form of the three dwelling houses set within their own garden setting, whilst employing local species and treatments with subtle variations with deciduous canopy trees  to maximise the dwellings north orientation.

The detached dwellings are separated with their own courtyards and decks, which provides plenty of daylight and solar access.

A continuous flow of space from inside to outside is achieved for the residents that offers a high level of amenity, the sense of openness and the flexibility and choice of lifestyle.

The proposal represents a development based on sound and established urban design principles. The design shows attention to detail, locally appropriate materials and textures and a scale and proportioning that responds to site constraints. Essential characteristics of the conservation area informed the design at every stage.

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