Parramatta Road Corridor Overview Plan

Parramatta Road

planning framework
completed in 2006
for NSW Department of Planning

The Parramatta Road Corridor Overview Plan was prepared for the NSW Department of Planning. This plan integrated the proposals from the Four Sector Plans, providing continuity and consistency to the whole of corridor planning. Olsson and Associates prepared the Sector 1 and Sector 4 plans, and integrated the recommendations from the Sector 2 and Sector 3 plans into a consistent planning framework.

As a central corridor in the Sydney Metropolitan Strategy, the Parramatta Road Corridor is to accommodate up to 70,000 new dwellings, 50,000sq m of commercial development, improved public transport, community facilities and new and enhanced parkland, over the next 25 years. Olsson and Associates led a multi-disciplinary team to deliver the planning strategies to achieve these targets. This included the preparation of an integrated land use and transport structure plan, objectives for the enterprise corridor and residential development areas, and 10 precinct structure plans for specific places, with land use, open space, height and floor space plans.

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