Parramatta SREP 28 Strategy


structure plan
completed in 2000
for Urban Design Advisory Service

Parramatta SREP 28 was a major revision of planning instruments for Parramatta City Centre, Westmead, Harris Park, Rydalmere and Camellia. The three major themes were urban design, transport and heritage. Russell Olsson led the urban design team as a consultant to UDAS.

The Structure Plan for the region included land use, transport, heritage and built form plans for the City Centre, Westmead, Harris Park, Rydalmere and Camellia. Russell Olsson integrated the outcomes from all disciplines into a plan for each town centre.

Parramatta City Centre was the main focus of SREP 28. Russell integrated the transport, heritage and planning issues into a cohesive urban vision for the city centre. This resulted in a series of Action Plans for transport, heritage, planning and urban design. These were resolved into a building height plan, street sections, setbacks and floor space ratio controls.

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