Riverbank Urban Design Study

The Riverbank Square Block on Phillip Street, Parramatta

urban design massing and feasibility study
completed in 2015
for Parramatta City Council

Olsson & Associates Architects
In association with: Parramatta City Council Project Development Group

The Parramatta Riverbank Square Block is planned to form part of an urban linkage from Parramatta Station, along Horwood Place, to a civic square edging Parramatta River. The new development on the block will be mixed use and high density, in keeping with Parramatta’s burgeoning growth. The development should also contribute to a central riverside square, and should promote pedestrian activity through the site and in adjacent streets.

Numerous scheme options were developed for the site and were tested and analysed thoroughly. Options were tested in terms of spatial efficiency, contextual impact and feasibility. Explorations were in model form and in 2D architectural drawings.

The tower floor plans were developed in line with the Residential Flat Design Code. Residential units maximised natural light, airflow and sun access.

The landscaping of the civic square onto the riverbank was developed and demonstrated in model form. This generously sized public open space can be adapted for recreational and civic activities.

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