Advisory Services and Expertise

Design Advice

Russell Olsson, Architect and Urban Designer provided a series of webinars for the City of Canterbury Bankstown.

The topics cover Dual Occupancies, Multi Dwelling Housing, Apartment Buildings and Shop Top Housing.

Urban and architectural design principles are explained for these types using Interactive drawings and case studies.

Design Competitions

Russell has been the competition advisor and brief writer for a number of international and national urban and architectural design competitions. Clients have included the Australian Institute of Architects, state government planning bodies and local governments. Some of these involvements include:

  • Russell was the competition advisor and brief writer for the Parramatta Road architectural competition. The competition was held by the Inner Metropolitan Regional Organisation of Councils.
  • Russell has prepared competition briefs for 3 urban design competitions in Green Square, namely the Green Square National Urban Design Ideas Competition, the Meriton Competition for the ACI Site, and the Green Square Town Centre Design Competition.
  • Russell was also part of a team that was in the final nine teams for the Parc de la Villette Competition in Paris. The final projects were exhibited in the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Design Review Panels

Russell Olsson, Olsson & Associates’ director, was a panellist and founding member of the SEPP 65 Design Review Panel for the Inner West Councils. He was additionally a panellist on the design review panels for Liverpool and Ryde Councils, and the Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel for Fairfield City Council. Russell is currently a panellist on the North Sydney Design Excellence Panel and the Liverpool Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel.

His involvement in this range of design review panels has given Russell extensive experience in assessing the design quality of significant architectural projects in New South Wales. Russell brings this experience to OAA’s projects on a daily basis.

Land and Environment Court

Russell Olsson has performed the role of an expert witness in numerous cases in the Land and Environment Courts of New South Wales, Queensland. Russell draws on his broad architectural and urban design expertise and his experience developing planning instruments in New South Wales. He prepares expert witness documents that assist the resolution of urban and architectural design conflicts, to facilitate the best outcome for the site and urban environment under consideration.

Built-form Design

Olsson & Associates Architects have particular expertise in preparing urban design studies and documents to inform development. OAA has had 23 years of engagement with New South Wales statutory planning policy through architectural and urban projects that have been carried from design to construction stages and have been recognised for their design excellence. OAA continues its commitment to this design expertise in preparing urban design studies and documents that carry analysis from the city through to site scale.

OAA prepares urban design precinct and site studies, as well as town centre masterplans, DCPs and LEPs. Town centre planning controls have been prepared for Central Sydney, Parramatta, Adelaide and Canberra. LEP and DCPs prepared for town centres include Hurstville, Kogarah, Gordon, Gladesville and St Ives. OAA has prepared numerous urban design studies for precincts and sites around New South Wales.

OAA’s approach to form-based planning typically involves larger scale urban mapping and analysis, the development of urban design principles, building form modelling, visual and feasibility-based options testing, design resolutions and a synthesis of recommendations for appropriate development.

Public Realm Design

Olsson & Associates Architects brings its expertise in architectural resolution and in the urban scale, to public realm design. In projects such as the Parramatta Riverbank urban design study, OAA has demonstrated its expertise in designing for public space that is well supported by movement patterns in the area, that integrates with mixed urban development uses, and is oriented to take advantage of natural and urban assets in the area.

OAA has designed and documented numerous successful public spaces including town squares in Castle Hill, Gladesville and Gordon as well as laneway revitalisations in Sydney.