Pitt Street Apartments

Visualisation - Front Facade
Visualisation - Arcade


OLSSON were approached to provide extensive design advice and work with IDraft Architects to best respond to Council’s detailed feedback to their original proposal submitted prior to our engagement. Scope included review and redesign of floorplans, designing the tower form, the architectural language and materiality. OLSSON modelled the tower which was provided to IDraft who completed the DA documentation. 

 A key element of the urban design principles established by OLSSON was to reinforce the corners of Terminal Place and Pitt Street as important gateway corners to the district. This was translated in to an architectural language resulting in a sculptural tower with curved corners that emphasise the importance of Terminal Place and Pitt Street when viewed from key points in the public domain.

The three storey commercial base is augmented by the double height awning at scale appropriate to the context. The tower was divided into two distinct parts by a substantial inset to the lift core. The strong vertical proportions allowed us to apply different character to each section, giving the appearance of two towers, avoiding a square proportioned tower block. The outcome is a twenty storey mixed-use development with a FSR of 7.5:1 featuring his quality design and compliance with the Apartment Design Guide principles.


  • Category: Architecture – Mixed Use
  • Client: Northland Group
  • Development Application: 2017-2018
  • Site Area: 5,413m2
  • Total GFA: 11,245m2
  • Commercial GFA: 615m2
  • Residential GFA: 10,630m2
  • Apartments: 115