Places of Penrith Implementation Plan

Opportunities Plan
Building Typology Plan


This Implementation Plan helps guide the Places of Penrith Strategy being developed by Penrith Council. The Strategy articulates the vision, structure and planning priorities for the centres within the Penrith Local Government Area (LGA). 

Concurrently, as part of the Strategy research, the consultant team and Council developed a set of planning principles that apply across the LGA. The consultant team crafted practical ways to implement these principles to achieve the desired outcomes for Penrith’s various centres and diverse land uses. 

The Implementation Plan considered current and future challenges, based on best practice planning and urban design, solid data collection and evidence building. It proposed a set of actions for amending Penrith City Council’s planning and policy framework to achieve the intended outcomes of the Strategy. The Implementation Plan considered a place-based approach to planning and different character areas, focusing on key centres and categories of places. 

In association with JOC Consulting


  • Category: Urban Design – Master planning
  • Client: Penrith City Council
  • Completed: 2020