Pope Street Serviced Apartments

Visualisation - Pope Street Elevation
Visualisation - Pope Street Elevation
Visualisation - Serviced Apartment Interior


The scheme proposes to increase the quality and quantity of accommodation options available, as well as the provision of services and facilities in an accessible location within the Ryde city centre. The five-storey development will accommodate the serviced apartment reception area, a cafe and a medical centre at ground level. Floors one to four will accommodate seventy-two serviced apartments. There are three levels of basement parking.

OLSSON has designed the building to be consistent with the scale and height of surrounding developments, as well being mindful of the desired future character of the area. The scheme’s Pope Street elevation provides a dynamic public interface working to activate this area of the street through both program and architectural articulation. At ground level, the cafe area spills out onto a slightly elevated covered outdoor area which is surrounded by planters, providing a buffer between the building entrance and the busy street. Face brick has been proposed for the majority of the elevation for its robustness and as well as drawing from the contextual palette. Pre-cast concrete blades are utilised to create the balconies for the serviced apartments. The blades playfully articulate the facade whilst providing a private outdoor space for guests to retreat. 

The many mature trees to the rear of the site have been retained and integrated into the landscaping scheme providing a quiet green oasis for occupants to enjoy on the ground or from above.


  • Category: Architecture – Mixed-Use
  • Client: Kingdom Developments 3 Pty. Ltd.
  • Development Application: Submitted 2021
  • Site Area: 1,450m2
  • Total GFA: 2,660m2
  • Commercial GFA: 310m2
  • Serviced Apartments GFA: 2,204m2
  • Serviced Apartments: 72