Canterbury Bankstown Special Character Areas

Special Character Area Map - Land Zoning, Contours, Transport Hubs & Key lots overlaid
Eastern & Western workshop participants
East Special Character Areas Map


The Local Strategic Planning Statement for the City of Canterbury Bankstown, Connective City 2036, identified two draft Local Character Areas located in the east and the south west of the Local Government Area. OLSSON Architecture & Urban Projects was engaged to identify and refine the LCAs into smaller areas based on their unique characteristics, and to establish planning controls are intended to preserve and enhance these areas and will form part of the consolidated CBC DCP and LEP 2020

The Local Character Statements prepared by OLSSON built upon the Local Character and Place guidelines put forward by the NSW Department of Planning Industry and Environment establishing a robust framework that succinctly defined the Existing Character of each area. The statements also set out the Desired Future Character and a series of evidence based recommended planning controls were established to ensure that future development will achieve the desired future character for each LCA.

Qualitative and quantitative analysis was used by OLSSON identify and establish key characteristics within the each LCA. However a key component of the project was inclusion of the community, with consultation undertaken by JOC Consulting. Workshops were planned in close collaboration between OLSSON, JOC and Council to establish subject matter and key areas for discussion. The workshops identified what elements of character are important to residents, and ensured that the desired future character for each area had regard to the community’s wants, needs and ambitions. The outcomes from the workshops were used to refine and inform the LCA Statements prepared by OLSSON.